03 Jul 2024

The Third Brain

Feeling swamped by information overload? Turn uncertainty into creativity by harnessing your multiple "brains". From gut feelings to digital second brains, learn practical ways to process overwhelm and generate fresh ideas. It's time to make uncertainty work for you.

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11 Jun 2024

Dancing with Control and Uncertainty

As AI becomes our creative partner, how do we find the balance between control and uncertainty? Discover the power of "generative uncertainty" and learn to harness the "fuzziness" of the unknown in your work with – and without – AI.

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01 May 2024

Integrating Felt Sense and Cognitive Understanding

The International Hakomi Conference highlighted the power of fuzzy attention - an open awareness that allows hard-to-articulate things to emerge. Integrating the felt sense of the body with the mind's conceptual understanding enables radical, lasting change. In today's mind-focused world, somatic practices might be a key to unlocking deeper insights and foster wellbeing.

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01 Apr 2024

From Delegation to Collaboration

As a society, we have fast-tracked the adoption of remote work and digitally facilitated relationships. Interactions are reported to have become more transactional, often driven by specific needs rather than casual, social connections. I’m arguing that we need to rediscover and redefine collaboration. Collaboration that both puts the individual human relationships at the centre and collaboration that transcends human boundaries.

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28 Feb 2024

Metrics for a GenAI World

As we adopt GenAI it's crucial to also adopt new metrics to align with human-AI collaboration and maintain a human-centric approach to AI implementation. Explore with me how we might take advantage of this shift in technology by changing how we define success.

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29 Jan 2024

What is Somatic Intelligence?

Things are changing. Fast. Opportunity is in the air, together with a lot of uncertainty, and maybe a little danger, too. How might we expand our discussions around implementing AI to go deeper than the hype? What might it take to benefit from this new technology in the long-term? And how might we make sure we – yes us humans – stay relevant in the process?

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