Hi, I'm Jonas.

Join me on my quest to detox how we do things.

Everything is toxic, it just depends on the dose. And there are a few things we've had a lot of recently. I'm looking at you, social media, fake news, irresponsible politicians, biased AI, CO₂, useless meetings, inequality... you name it.

When things get overwhelming and toxic we can't process and respond to situations anymore. We react instinctively from a constant state of fight-or-flight. Turning down the volume on distractions helps us find that reflective pause before we respond.

The longer that pause gets, the more of our creativity and empathy we can access, and the bigger the change. In our mutual well-being, the impact we have on our planet, and yes in your bottom line, too.

The Detox Rituals we design each aim to give us new lenses through which to look at what we do. A playful way to break out of old patterns and learn new skills.

Some Detox Rituals are ready-made, and accessible for anyone who wants to tap into an experience that soothes a common pain. Other Detox Rituals are more bespoke or one-off, like facilitated team away days or workshops.

And if your organization is totally stuck or your team feels burned out, check-in to Rehab and we'll work out a series of workshops and interventions to help you re-design your processes and foster a nurturing culture. Slowly. Because why move fast and break things when you know Slow Works.

Jonas has years of experience in corporate training, teaching Fortune 500 companies about technology and innovation, to up-level their workforce and accelerate transformation. 2019, Jonas Haefele founded Slow Works to facilitate sustainable change, based on regenerative practices.

He's also co-founder of LGBTQ+ entrepreneur network Series Q, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, and a founding member of the Billion Seconds Institute. He spent the many corona lockdowns producing A Quick Pause, a podcast offering little mindful practices to reconnect, heal and empower. Jonas is also the facilitator on The Thread, our guided letter-writing course where we reflect and connect through old-school mail, slowing down the thinking so we can learn from each other and ourselves.

Before venturing into tech and facilitating culture change, Jonas has studied future sciences and human-centered design at Zurich University of the Arts, learning to identify cultural macro and micro trends and how to build products that respond to societal needs. Jonas has a background in classic Swiss print design and typography and has been fascinated by the internet and its potential since the late 1990s. After receiving his BA as best in class, Jonas spent two years in a digital advertising agency, where he led the development of ground-breaking and award-winning campaigns. However, he became disillusioned by the simplistic message to "buy more stuff", pushing him to move to London and seek new opportunities that aligned more with his values.

Throughout his career, Jonas has collected a wide range of tools that center around the craft of storytelling, facilitation, and bridging gaps, translating - sometimes literally, often figuratively - between different parties to foster consensus and understanding.

Jonas is excited to use his skills and experience to bring people together and help them facilitate change in their relationships and organizations. If that sounds like you, leave us a message.

Let's detox how we do things.