Start 2024 by tuning in to what makes you uniquely you. Find access an embodied wisdom that goes further than a simple New Year's resolution and instead opens possibilities to care more deeply for yourself. What might happen if you bring more of you to what you do?

How might you reconnect with your body, learn to listen to its signals, and tap into a way of living more fully? In Somatic coaching we practice exactly that.

Every other week we have a somatic coaching session. A conversation to get some extra time and space to explore how you can bring more of yourself to the new year, to attend to those parts of you that need a little care, and to make plans that resonate deeply with your being.

Queer bodies show up differently and we are exposed to different experiences than other bodies. Tuning into own bodymind and honoring what is there is going to be a big part of the program.

What's included in Embodied Queerness?

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 somatic coaching sessions (6x) with me. Time and space for you to slow down just enough to sense into the deeper layers of your being. Sometimes we might just have a conversation, and sometimes we might have a little fun and play with a somatic experiment – tools to access the wisdom of the body in a way that allows you to make sense of things your mind doesn't quite "get". You always choose where you want to go. What is Somatic Coaching?
  • Optional: Free access to The Thread - write letters to your future self, one letter a month, and learn more about how you want to show up, what's important to you, and how you get to feel good. Free, just pay postage. Read more about the Thread

Embodied Queerness is a one-off offering to start 2024 and I'm pricing it well under the value of the coaching sessions. I want this to be a space for us to unwind and refocus.

Please choose the price you can afford.

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Your Coach

Jonas Haefele

Jonas is a queer non-binary man (yes, I use all these words), and an accredited Somatic Coach with a broad background in facilitation and mindfulness. Whether in 1:1 coaching sessions or in group experiences, Jonas is passionate about creating a space where radical change can emerge - change that starts at the root of things; your stories, beliefs, feelings, and sensations. Jonas is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and has years of experience in corporate training, teaching Fortune 500 companies about technology and innovation, to up-level their workforce and accelerate transformation. 2019, Jonas Haefele founded Slow Works to facilitate sustainable change, combining his experiences from teaching yoga and mindfulness with the lessons learned in the fast-moving tech world.

Jonas is co-founder of LGBTQ+ entrepreneur network Series Q, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, and a founding member of the Billion Seconds Institute.