Our culture workshops are guided journeys to slow down just enough so we can stop reacting to everything that's coming our way and make more conscious choices in how we act, ask the important questions and reconnect to what's important to us.

Having that clarity is a superpower both at work and in your personal life. All workshops are designed to delivered online without sacrificing impact and are perfect for teams, communities and groups from a handful to a few hundred attendees.

In this interactive talk you'll learn how to make the most of the current situation and unlock the potential of remote work.

The workshop will explore what remote work does to our brain, how we can use simple rituals and intentional breaks to get better work done in less time, and how to find tools to keep you sane when working from your spare bedroom or kitchen table.

Expect to walk away with a better understanding of your work routines, new habits and rituals to try out to level-up your workday, and simple tools to collaborate more efficiently when you're working remotely. And yes, we'll answer the question - "What is mindfulness?"- and learn why mindfulness is crucial at work.

All you need is an hour of your team's time, pen and paper and a bit of curiosity.

The workshop can be tailored to your team or organization both in length and to reflect specifics of how your team collaborates.

Half your team might never come back to the office, while others work in the same room. Deadlines get shorter and meetings seemingly longer and less productive. Learn together how to break out of the cycle of unproductive meetings to schedule another meeting and enter a new area of incremental change, based on empowering every single team member to do their best work, creating value, getting fast feedback and taking ownership.

Remote work isn't new, neither are office jobs. But the magnitude at which we collectively shift the way we're working is probably the biggest change most of us have seen in our work lives.

In this workshop, your team will learn about different processes that enable work to get done, rather than just discussed. Drawing from long-established practices including agile software development, human-centred design, mindfulness, and facilitation we'll build a toolkit of practices that is unique to your team.

We will explore how to:

  • sync up between teams or locations without spending hours on video calls
  • unblock team members so they can get productive
  • allow for ownership and trust when you can't always meet in person
  • keep oversight and control while you transfer responsibility from the "team" or "org" to the individual
  • include as many people and ideas as possible without wasting time and resources

A short version of this workshop can be delivered as a lunch and learn or breakfast briefing, but to get the full benefit and walk away with a toolkit tailored to your team, and most importantly with buy-in from your team, a half-day workshop is recommended. The workshop is agnostic of the tech and apps you use.

Organizations can only be as successful as their employees feel seen and heard. Diversity statistics are the new vanity metric. It's not enough to just hire "one of each", it's about creating a culture that allows everyone to bring ideas to the table, to be taken seriously and to feel like they can challenge incumbent practices in an honest and constructive way.

Getting the work culture right is going to be even more important as we automate more and more business processes, delegating repetitive and menial tasks to the machines.

In this workshop, we explore what each one of us can do to embrace our authentic self and bring the best of us to the workplace. And we'll look at how we all can influence the work culture, creating a safe space where conflicting ideas lead to better solutions, rather than conflict.

All you need is an hour of time, pen and paper and a bit of curiosity.

The workshop can be tailored to your team, organization or community both in length and to reflect the background of your attendees. It's perfect for affinity groups or teams that want to deepen their collaboration, by truly embracing inclusion.

In this more intimate workshop, we'll tune into the connection between mind, body and spirit and foster a sense of self-compassion. Think of it as an antidote to the incessant call for self-improvement, productivity "hacks" and the promise to "unlock your full potential". Together we'll reconnect to ourselves and get set up for a compassionate, fulfilling day - everyday.

You'll have the chance to explore how connected you are to each of the three pillars - body, mind and spirit. We'll look at how our modern lives can weaken or break that connection, explore playful ways to reconnect and set you up with a personalized toolkit to take back into your day-to-day.

This workshop is fantastic for communities, close-knit teams and those who want to foster more of an authentic connection with themselves and their peers.

The workshop is interactive, and can be run with group-sharing, or keeping the reflections personal. Sharing stories can be a powerful way to foster empathy and trust. But it's by no means necessary to make the workshop beneficial.