We've spent the last 20 years learning whichever new tool and platform came along and adapting how we do things to whatever was on vogue. And it's about time that we shape the tools and the way they help us make sense. Somatic AI is about exploring that shift from tech-heavy to human-led.

It's about finding ways that work for you. And if you're working with others, it's about finding ways of collaborating, communicating, and commemorating that bring the best out of everybody in the team or organization. The goal is to allow our bodies to find a state of ease and equilibrium, moving away from fight, flight, or freeze responses.

By reaching a balanced state, we can activate our social systems, interact with others, and create from a place of ease. This allows us to ride the wave or enter the zone, enabling us to perform at our best. And if we can get a bunch of friendly AIs to help us get there, why shouldn't we?

Are you ready to lead the charge towards a future where technology nurtures your human potential? Join us on a series of experiments with Somatic AI. Every other week we'll explore a new idea, a concept or a tool that allows us to rethink how we interact with AI and technology. We'll explore how AI "thinks" and how that relates to our own cognition. We'll look at what kinds of AI there are beyond your good old chatbot, and explore how you might collaborate with different AIs so you have more time and inspiration to do the work you do best.

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