We believe it's worth decelerating the change, redefine what innovation means.

We free the users from being used and work with people to create an impact that lasts.

We create solutions that foster consensus and understanding rather than optimize conversion through micro-targeting and feedback loops.

Innovation for the next decade. Not human-centered, but planet-first and most of all humane.

Culture is what happens when people share time or space together, and if we leave it up to chance or algorithms, culture can get toxic. Learn how to create a culture that empowers and connects everyone it touches.

We're only as good as our connections, be it in person, or remotely over video calls. Working in isolation provides huge challenges, especially as menial tasks get automated and human creativity and problem-solving skills are more important than ever.

Our workshops are designed to help you refine how you connect; as a team, a community, or as an individual.

We've been working with exciting clients in the education, insurance, finance, tech and coaching, and wellness industries. All projects have the same question at the core:

How can we grow the business while leaving a positive impact that goes further than the next quarterly report or the monthly engagement stats?

The answers often include technology, always include a decent conversation, and usually end up being simpler than expected.