Technology needs an update.

Going from human-centered to humane.

We believe it's worth to decelerate the change, redefine what innovation means.

We free the users from being used and work with people to create impact that lasts.

We create solutions that foster consensus and understanding rather than optimize conversion through micro-targeting and feedback loops.

Tech for the next decade. Not human-centered, but planet-first and most of all humane.

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Consulting, Coaching, Contracting

We've been working with exciting clients in the education, tech and coaching and wellness industries.
All projects have the same question at the core:

How can we grow the business while leaving a positive impact that goes further than the next quarterly report or the monthly engagement stats.

The answers often included technology, always included a decent conversation and usually ended up being simpler than we first expected.

If that sounds like you, let's collaborate! (email)

Coming soon: Find your Rituals

A daily routine can save us in uncertain times like now. Once that routine became a habit, it starts to feel easy, become second nature, and we complete it almost on autopilot.
But if we focus a little bit more intention on it, it becomes a ritual. A personal, unnegotiable habit that grounds us, gives us confidence and focus.

Distilled from years of research and personal experience, we aim to launch #findyourrituals this spring.

A guided path to find the rituals that are right for you, from daily organisation to finding your true passion, connecting with others, or simply feeling a bit more in control of what is happening.

If you want to be the first to know, or even help test it all out, send us an email