We believe it's worth decelerating the change, and redefining what innovation means.

Whether you're creating physical products, digital experiences, or social movements, the pressure to scale rapidly can drain our energy and become overwhelming. It's hard to focus on growth and purpose at the same time. It's even harder to bring people along for the journey if you're too busy reacting to outside demands to tell your story.

Let's talk about regenerative innovation. Not human-centered, but planet-first and most of all humane.

You are an entrepreneur, a founder, a team leader, an activist, a community organizer.

You feel stuck, like you're running in place, the day doesn't have enough hours, you could do more, or you're not getting to the important stuff.

You need to slow down, recalibrate your processes, focus on your purpose, and enable others to do their best.

It's tough to build your own company, lead a team or manage growth. We'll guide you to slow down just enough to recalibrate and focus on what matters to you and the people you serve.

Re-Drawing the Map

By honing back in on your purpose we re-evaluate why you're doing this in the first place. Whether it's just you or a whole team, getting clear on why you're working so hard is essential. We think of purpose as the north star. It's not the goal, but the direction. As long as we're heading in the right direction, we can deal with curveballs as they come our way (and they always come).

Next, we'll map out the landscape you're traveling through. From big players to regulation and stakeholders. By taking a step back we can identify key milestones to reach, borders you want to cross, and boundaries you need to stay away from.

Traveling Light

Walking is a lot faster than driving if you're visiting your neighbor two doors down. And too much tech is as bad as not enough.

Is there baggage you are dragging with you that you can leave behind? How can you communicate with ease, and bring people along for the ride? Where do you lose a lot of time on busywork, while the important stuff gets left waiting another day? We'll identify and get rid of the distractions so you can get on with your (life's) work.

Setting Guardrails

How will you know you're on the right path? Or better, how do you know you're all moving in the right direction?

Finally, we'll set you up with your own toolkit of templates, rituals, and checklists to help you check in and recalibrate every now and then.